MuscleBlaze MB-Vite Multivitamin for Immunity Boost Unflavored 60 Tablets

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Product Name : MB-Vite
Brand Name : MuscleBlaze
Used For : Metabolism and Stamina

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MuscleBlaze MB-Vite contains a blend of 24 vitamins, minerals that fulfills micro-nutrient needs and improves body’s metabolism. Super antioxidants like Ginseng, Gingko Biloba, Lycopene and Grape Seed are helpful in reducing muscle fatigue, building immunity, stamina and strength.

MB VITE is a scientifically formulated multivitamin for sports and fitness enthusiasts to speed up recovery and muscle building. It features 39 important nutrients, 26 vitamins and minerals and 3 different blends that cover everything from joint care, anti-oxidant health to boosting your metabolism for increased stamina.

Reduces oxidation stress promoting faster muscle recovery and eliminating post workout fatigue.
It boosts immunity by enhancing stamina and improving metabolism and efficient absorption of nutrition.



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