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95-year-old Scottish man considered world’s oldest rugby player

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A 95-year-old Scottish man celebrated his birthday in style — by playing rugby for the first time in 10 years.
Easton Roy is considered the oldest rugby player in the world after he pulled on his boots for the Stirling County RFC legends, which played current players in the club.

“It was good fun. I was a bit apprehensive because I’ve not pulled on my boots for a good while, but I felt alright when I got out on the pitch,” Roy told the BBC. It was great seeing the old boys and reviving the old memories.

“I keep myself pretty fit in the gym and I go out for a wee jog but nothing beats playing a game of rugby.”


Roy said he celebrated after the game by taking a swig from a bottle port.

“I didn’t feel the pain until after I sobered up,” he joked.

“He was up and down the pitch like a youngster and I can vouch that he’s still rock solid in the scrum — it’s like scrumming a brick wall,” match organizer Allan Imrie said.

Rugby isn’t a new sport for Roy — he started playing during World War II and joined the Stirling County Rugby Football Club when he returned from service. He went on to play for 60 years before retiring 10 years ago at 85.


However, Roy isn’t done yet. He said he plans on playing in next year’s match.