Virat Kohli backs Sunil Chhetri’s plea, says ‘need to respect all sports equally’

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Earlier, Sunil Chhetri had taken to social media to request all fans to watch and support the team play in the stadiums as the Blue Tigers currently play in the International Cup.


Team India skipper Virat Kohli took to social media after Indian football captain Sunil Chhetri pleaded the fans to come and watch the matches at the stadiums.

Taking to his Twitter profile, Kohli requested all the fans to watch the football team play at the stadiums. India is currently playing in the Four Nation International cup and it was Chhetri’s hat-trick that led the Blue Tigers to a crushing win over Chinese Taipei.


The quote of what my good friend Sunil Chhetri posted some time back, I want to request everyone watch the football team play. Anyone who loves any kind of sport, go and cheer for the team in the stadium because they’re working hard and are a talented team. I’ve seen these players evolve over the last few seasons and they have got so much better at their games.”


The Indian cricket captain said that it would go down a long way for India to be known as a sporting culture.


“This will also go down a long way in creating a sporting culture that is a vision for all of us and if we are to be called a proud sporting nation, we need to accept and respect all the sports equally.”

Kohli added, “You may never know that your children might being playing sports as well and they might need support from people coming to watch them play. So have compassion, think how much it can contribute to the players, and in turn contribute as they are representing our nation. We want to make this a collective sporting nation. Your contribution will be massive, so please go support and watch them play, I wish them all the best.”


“To all of you fans who could not come or did not come due to delay, work, school, please come and watch us in the stadiums. You guys have no idea how important you are and your support is. So today I am requesting all of you to come support us on 4th, 7th and hopefully 10th June when we are playing in Mumbai. Encourage us, watch us, abuse us, criticise us, talk about the game, go back home and have discussions, make banners but please get involved.”