13 Mistakes You’re Probably Making When Applying for Jobs


Looking for a job can be a tedious task. You’re constantly putting yourself out there to be judged, writing cover letter after cover letter, and tweaking your résumé like your life depends on it.

Having passion and being dedicated is a must when job hunting, but rejection notice can chip away at your soul. Instead of questioning your self-worth, examine your job-hunting techniques.

Sometimes we don’t realize that we make mistakes when we’re turning in our résumés to a potential employer. These mistakes can be as small as writing the wrong company in your cover letter to applying to out-of-town jobs without explaining why.

Addressing which mistakes you’re making will up your game and give you a boost of confidence the next time you hand in your résumé.

In your quest to find that perfect job, check the following common application mistakes to see if any are slowing down your career.

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