Government introduces Mission Buniyaad to assist kids who cannot read, write as per grade


e it renovation of government schools or bringing out the ways to improve the quality of education provided in schools of the capital, the Delhi government is not leaving any stone unturned to expand the reach of education among all the sectors of the society.

Recently, the Central Government has introduced Mission Buniyaad scheme to improve the levels of learning.

Information about the Mission
A very popular Nishta group is a part of the scheme ‘Mission Buniyaad’ and it comprises of students that cannot read or write class appropriate text.

The Directorate of Education notified in a circular on August 2 that the students are going to take different exams and will have to study a different syllabus.

The circular says, “For the first term – till the mid-term exam in September 2018 – the number of topics to be covered have been significantly reduced.”

Though the initiative sounds helpful to many, still, there are some teachers who are not sure if the new method is going to be successful.

Where did the Nishta group come from?
The government launched ‘Chunauti 2018’ in 2016 when it came to the view of the government that 74 per cent of students in class 6 could not read a Class 2 textbook.

The scheme divided the children into two groups:

Pratibha: This group comprised of those who could read and write as per their grade
Nishta: This group had students who could not read and write as per their grade

On assessment, the circular states, “The assessment paper for students, particularly the Nishta group, during mid-term, will have questions from limited topics. Emphasis will be on assessing reading, understanding and ability to write a response.”

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