Kamal Haasan on stunts in Vishwaroopam 2: I have paid for it in bones, injuries and pain


Kamal Haasan’s spy film Vishwaroopam 2 is all set to hit the screens on August 10. Kamal, who is actively promoting the film, said that the film is extremely close to his heart. He further added that this is the longest he has had to wait for the release of his movie.

“The idea is to make the kind of movie I wanted to see as a film buff. It’s the film we keep talking about, wondering why we didn’t make it or why we digress or dilute when we do it. We are always appreciative of fast-paced thrillers but we never end up making it,” said the actor in a Facebook live.

Kamal Haasan has also written and directed Vishwaroopam 2. Talking about the writing process, “I have always admired and liked the kind of writing that goes into the genre. The research done by Ludlum is admirable and heartening. As screenwriters, we want to emulate that kind of writing for the research. We have presented plausible and actual scenarios that could happen.“

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