Maharashtra bans plastic: Here’re top 5 alternatives

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Mumbai | Jun 23, 2018, 12:48 IST

Mumbai: The Maharashtra government has banned single-use plastic items including carry bags, disposable cutlery and thermocol from today. The violation will attract penalty ranging from Rs 5,000- Rs 25,000. But the good news is that there are environment-friendly alternatives for most plastic items. Here are a few:

1. Containers, plates, cups and trays made of betelleaf, bamboo and wood. These are food grade with no chemicals and binding agents, and can be decomposed into the soil within eight weeks. Also , most are microwavable and can be reused. Plates and bowls made of dried leaves were used in traditional ceremonies before plastic items took over.
2. Edible cutlery made of foodgrains are an interesting option.
3. Cloth, silk, jute, canvas, muslin, wicker bags can handle up to 3-5kg weight. Many of these bags come with bold printed lettering that reads: “I am not a plastic bag” or “100% compostable” and “does not contain plastic.
4. Steel containers can be used to buy and carry milk and other liquids, and meat
5. Paper and compostable garbage bin liners made of potato and corn starch.

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