Russia will win their first FIFA World Cup 2018 match, predicts Clairvoyant Cat

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Shared News: Jun 14, 2018, 10:28 AM IST

Russia are the lowest ranked side at 70 in the World but in the competition, Clairvoyant Cat predicts Russia will win their first match in FIFA World Cup.

Moscow: Russia’s football team has failed to chalk up a single victory in eight months but things could be about to improve — according to a supposedly clairvoyant cat who predicted a win for the side in the first World Cup match.

Achilles, a deaf white cat who is the official animal soothsayer for the tournament, on Wednesday chose a bowl of food bearing the host’s flag rather than that of Saudi Arabia, who Russia will face on Thursday evening.

The blue-eyed feline is usually part of a team of dozens of cats that guard Saint Petersburg’s Hermitage museum from rodents but has taken on a new role for the football event.

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