1.Let affection of your loved ones be felt at all times
2.Term Insurance Plan with Increasing** Critical Illness Cover
3.Premium waiver benefit on diagnosis of Critical Illness
4.Fixed premium throughout the policy term

Non-linked Term Insurance Plan with In – Built Critical Illness Cover

If your needs change with age, Why shouldn’t your financial planning? 
With SBI Life – Poorna Suraksha Plan, auto-rebalance Life and Critical Illness cover as you age, for more effective protection.

This Term Insurance product with Critical Illness cover offers:

  • Security – Comprehensive protection in case of death and critical illness
  • Simplicity – Re-balances your life and critical illness cover on every policy anniversary
  • Reliability – A lump sum payout providing financial support in case of diagnosis of any of the covered 36 critical illnesses and waiver of all future premiums.

Want to know how the life stage rebalancing fea[googlepdf url=”” width=”100%” height=”600″]ture helps you prepare financially? Try our premium calculator below

Life Stage Re-balancing:
The ‘Life Stage Re-balancing’ feature re-balances cover between Life Cover and Critical Illness (CI) Cover.
At policy inception, the Basic Sum Assured would be split between Life Cover Sum Assured (SA) & CI Sum Assured (SA) in the proportion of 80:20 respectively. There would be an increase in CI SA on each subsequent policy anniversary, as mentioned in table below. The increase will be as a percentage of initial CI SA, based on chosen policy term.

The decrease in Life Cover SA would be equal to the increase in CI SA. The change in sum assured would happen only on policy anniversary.

The total basic sum assured (Life Cover SA + CI SA) would remain the same throughout the policy term.

Life Cover:
In the unfortunate event of death of the Life Assured, Effective^ Life Cover Sum Assured, as on date of death will be paid.

Critical Illness (CI) Benefit
Effective^ Critical Illness Sum Assured will be paid, on the diagnosis of covered critical illness. The CI Benefit will be paid only once and will cease once the benefit is paid.
Survival Period for Critical Illness Benefit

The Critical Illness Benefit is payable only after survival period of 14 days from the date of diagnosis of the covered critical illness. In other words, Critical Illness benefit is not payable if the life assured dies within 14 days from the date of diagnosis of the covered critical illness.
Waiting Period for Critical illness benefit

There is a waiting period of 90 days from the date of commencement of risk or reinstatement whichever is later and no Critical Illness benefit will be payable, if the claim has occurred during the waiting period.
N.B. – Please refer Product Brochure for definitions of 36 Illnesses covered and their exclusions

Premium Waiver Benefit
Once a claim under CI is accepted by the Company, all future premiums for the policy will be waived for the rest of the policy term, from the date of diagnosis of the medical condition. The remaining policy benefits shall continue throughout the policy term. The Life Stage Rebalancing will cease to exist once premiums are waived off and the Effective^ Life Cover SA will remain constant from thereon.

Maturity Benefit:No maturity benefit available under the plan.

Avail tax benefits*
^Effective sum assured is the sum assured applicable for the policy year in which the insured event occurs.

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