‘I had no idea what’s going on’: Pat Cummins explains bizarre reaction on David Miller’s wicket


Australia seamer Pat Cummins was caught with a perplexed expression after a DRS review declared David Miller LBW during the 2nd ODI against South Africa at Adelaide.

Shared News | Updated: November 10, 2018 1:11:21 pm

Australia seamer Pat Cummin’s reaction after David Miller’s wicket became a topic of discussion on social media. (Source: Cricket Australia/Twitter)

Australia seamer Pat Cummins explained his bizarre reaction to the dismissal of South Africa’s David Miller during the 2nd ODI at Adelaide on Friday. The incident took place after Australia skipper Aaron Finch called for a review on an LBW appeal when Marcus Stoinis stuck Miller on the pads. The left-handed batsman had scored a half century and was leading the Proteas resistance at a crucial stage in the match.

Miller had taken a long stride out of the crease, so there was a heavy chance of the decision going South Africa’s way. During the DRS review, the order in which the procedure is followed was reversed, and the ball tracking was shown before the Real-Time Snicko. Hence, when the DRS review check showed all three red lights, Australia players celebrated ecstatically, barring Cummins, who was seen staring at the screen with a confused expression.

In a video uploaded on Twitter after Australia won the match by 7 runs, Cummins explained the reasons for his reaction. In the video, fellow teammate Glenn Maxwell asked Cummins: “There was a photo that cropped up on the social media, where everyone is celebrating except yourself. What happened there?”

In his reply, Cummins said, “I was a bit slow. I probably have not done the bowlers much of a favour. You know, we always try to say we are the smart ones. I thought there had to be something else like D-R … what is it? Snicko or something had to come up?”

He further added that he had no idea what was going on. “I had no idea what was going on, and everyone just started celebrating,” he said. Maxwell added that Cummins took a few more replays to realise that Australia have got the wicket. “You didn’t start celebrating until three or four more replays, and then you were like, ‘oh, we got a wicket’,” Maxwell added.

With the win, Australia leveled the series at 1-1, with the third and final ODI set to be played on Sunday.

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