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The most popular sports and activities for Indian adults are:

The country has won eight Olympic gold medals in field hockey. However, cricket is the most popular sport in India. Kabaddi, an indigenous sport is popular in rural India. Kabaddi is the most popular indigenous sport in the country. Other popular sports in India are Badminton, Football, Basketball, Chess, Shooting, Wrestling, Boxing, Tennis, Squash, Weightlifting, Gymnastic, Athletics and Table Tennis, walking, aerobics, fitness or gym activities, swimming or diving, cycling, jogging or running, golf.

Popular sports and activities for children aged 5-14 include:
For girls – dancing, swimming/diving, netball, gymnastics, basketball, soccer (outdoor), tennis, martial arts, athletics (track and field), horse riding (equestrian and polo), hockey.

For boys – soccer (outdoor), swimming/diving, Australian Rules football, basketball, cricket (outdoor), tennis, martial arts, Rugby League, Rugby Union, Dancing, athletics (track and field).

Other popular activities for both girls and boys include bike riding, rollerblading and skateboarding.

The benefits of regular physical activity:-

Being active for some time, a few times every week, offers a range of health benefits, including:
• strengthened heart and cardiovascular system
• increased flexibility
• improved joint mobility
• increased muscle strength
• stronger bones
• improved stamina
• lowered blood cholesterol levels
• reduced blood pressure
• loss of excess body fat
• reduced risk of various diseases, including heart disease
• lower incidence of depression
• reduced stress levels.